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Christmas is going to be good in Boston and Skegness as the long-awaited winner of last month’s £76million EuroMillions Jackpot has been found in the constituency.

The new millionaire(s) came forward on Friday with their winning ticket for the jackpot that has been laying unclaimed since November 2, but the UK National Lottery revealed no details about their identity.

“Wow, what a win for one lucky UK ticket-holder!” Andy Carter, senior winners’ advisor at The National Lottery said. “This is the 12th biggest winner ever in the UK, and we are very much look forward to toasting their win. Just imagine the Christmas this lucky ticket-holder is now able to look forward to.”

How EuroMillions Winner Was Found

As yet, the EuroMillions winner has chosen not to be revealed publicly, so we don’t even know whether an individual will collect £76million, or a syndicate.

What we do know is they bought their ticket in the Parliament constituency of Boston and Skegness, and that’s where the National Lottery ran an extensive appeal to find 2018’s fourth UK EuroMillions winner.

When no one had come forward after two weeks, ad vans were deployed and posters issued to retailers, with support called on from local mayors, and town crier Steve O’Dare doing his bit on ITV’s This Morning.

“There is a lottery ticket somewhere in this area worth £76 million, squillion pounds!” O’Dare shouted down the streets of Boston and Skegness

Officials urged anyone in the area who had bought a ticket in-store, on the day of the draw, to check the places they usually keep their tickets, adding that the ‘champagne was on ice’.

EuroMillions Lucky Number 7

This EuroMillions ticket was the only one to match the full line of five main numbers and two Lucky Star numbers, winning the entire £76,369,806 jackpot, that had been rolling over since October.

The numbers drawn on that fateful Friday night were: 5, 15, 17, 37, 44 and Lucky Stars 7 and 11, Lucky Star 7 also coming out for the UK’s three other mega EuroMillions jackpot winners in 2018.

On February 23, out it came as an anyonymous UK winner took home just over £77million, and again as another Joe Bloggs collected £121million in April, then once more as a retired Scottish couple netted £57million in July.

The biggest ever EuroMillions winners in the UK are Colin and Chris Weir who won £161m in July 2011, and the overall record is €190m, which has been paid out three times to punters in Spain (2017), Portugal (2014) and England (2012). On today’s exchange rate, the 2012 winner would actually have beaten the Weirs.

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