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Starburst is a galactic NetEnt slot that deals with stars and gems. It is very easy to find the Starburst slot because there are many online casinos with NetEnt games. In addition, the Starburst slot is one of the most popular games from this manufacturer and is often used for free spin offers. The rules of the game are simple and the game mechanics are clear. There are no complex Starburst bonus features, just a few lucrative wilds with a respin feature. But that’s exactly what makes this slot a good choice for all beginners who haven’t played a lot of online slots yet. But many experienced gambling fans also like to use the simple slot, as this game offers entertainment without complicated rules or an attractive casino bonus without a deposit.

At first glance, it becomes clear that the Starburst slot is colorful and funny. On the reels, there are gemstones, a bar symbol, and a 7. What do I have to do to understand this slot machine? You can simply open the paytable at any time and see what the rules are. But the rules are so simple that it is much better to simply play a few rounds at the Starburst to capture the most important details in practice. What is it about? The player must try to get as many symbols as possible on the ten pay lines, with evaluation from left to right. At least three identical symbols are needed for Starburst to win. The stake can be varied from very cheap 10 cents to adventurous 100 euros.

Starburst bonus features

At this point we would like to report on free spins, bonus rounds, risk games, and spectacular video sequences. But unfortunately, no indication: All this does not exist at Starburst. There is not even a scatter symbol! Of course, this is disappointing for gambling fans who are looking for a complex slot machine. But the typical fans of Starburst are either beginners or players who prefer a simple slot. The nice thing is – the selection on the slot machine market is now so huge that there are numerous suitable slots for every gambling fan.

Starburst symbols

The developers of the Starburst slot machine have also limited themselves to a very simple selection of symbols. For traditionalists, it is nice that the bar symbol and the 7 exist. There are countless slot machines online and offline that have these two symbols. Otherwise, gems in different colors appear in the game, although it is not really possible to decide what kind of gems they are. That’s not important at all. If there is a big win, the eponymous Starburst is created, which means something like a star explosion happens. Overall, the look of the slot machine is quite pretty. The Starburst game also fits well into the category “timeless classic” due to the symbols. The feature hit rate of 1 to 11.9 spins matches the typical action of free rounds, which means that players have a very high chance of triggering at least one respin function of action.


Playing Starburst is basically not necessarily the most exciting game on the slot planet for everyone. The Starburst Wilds do not help either, although the respin feature is well done. In general, the slot is especially great for casino beginners. Starburst is also always a good choice for slot players who do not want to think much, but just want to have fun. The low volatility is nice at the beginning, but in the long run, it may be more interesting to be able to win high. Starburst is one of the slot machines every casino fan should know. Starburst is not a game for eternal fun – this NetEnt’s slot is more for in between.