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Dragons are often known to us as rather eerie fire-breathing monsters. However, this does not apply to the protagonists in Microgaming’s Dragonz slot. Here, the four dragon friends Flint, Switch, Frost, and Gobble experience exciting adventures. You can expect many different wilds and other exciting surprises. Experience fiery excitement with Dragonz from Microgaming!

Dragonz is a video slot where you can collect winnings on five reels with three rows each. Unlike many other slots, Dragonz has no classic pay lines. You can achieve round wins if the same symbol appears on at least the first three consecutive reels. This results in a total of 243 different winning combinations.

The minimum bet per spin is €0.40. As a maximum bet per round, you can risk up to €30. Microgaming indicates the payout percentage for this slot at 96.30%. This puts the Dragonz slot in the middle range compared to other video slots. Of course, Dragonz can also be played with an Auto Play mode.

Free spins feature

In the base game, the wild should first be mentioned. It replaces all other symbols except the scatter. If a wild appears on reel three but does not lead to a win, this means that after this spin, additional wilds are placed on the other reels and lead to a guaranteed win.

If you get the scatter symbol three times, this triggers the freespin feature. At the center of the free spins are the four dragons. And each dragon has its own free play mode. Which of the four modes you get will be randomly selected. However, if you activate the free spin mode twelve times, you can choose which of the four free spins you want to play.

Let’s take a closer look at these four free spins of the respective dragons:

  • Flint (red dragon)
    You will receive ten free spins. Flint spits additional wilds on the reels with each spin. This number of wilds increases with each spin. Flint can award up to a maximum of ten wilds.
  • Switch (violet dragon)
    You will receive ten free spins. If wild symbols do not lead to a win combination, Switch will collect these wilds for you. When three wilds are collected, they are randomly distributed among the reels in the next spin. The game does not end until all collected wilds have been consumed.
  • Frost (blue dragon)
    You will receive ten free spins. All wilds that do not lead to a win remain as static symbols on the next spin until they lead to a win.
  • Gobble (green dragon)
    You will also receive ten free spins. Gobble also spits wilds on the reels. These remain static until they lead to a profit.

If you get to the point in the game where you can choose the free spin mode yourself, we recommend that you choose the Flint free spins. Here, the probability of winning is highest, as a large number of wilds are constantly spit on the reels.


Dragonz slot has a very sympathetic graphic implementation. The four dragon friends are very well designed. The soundtrack of this slot is also suitable for this.

The four different free spin modes provide long-term fun. Due to the random activation of the respective free spins, you won’t get bored so quickly with the Dragonz slot. Unfortunately, we miss one or the other additional extra feature. Another bonus game would have done this slot very well. Overall, however, the Dragonz slot is a very good and entertaining release of Microgaming.